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Employer Toolkit

    Top Reasons to Join Siouxland SHRM

    Career Networking

    Networking with our peers increases our ability to serve our current employer through insight shared on situations we haven't faced before.  

    Learning Opportunities 

    Each Chapter Meeting includes a relevant topic presented by an expert in their field. Our Annual Conference each Spring provides even more learning opportunities plus, an opportunity to connect with vendors who serve the business community. We work hard to help keep our members up-to-date on current trends in our field. We encourage members to become certified through SHRM and ensure each meeting offers professional development credits for recertification.

    Access to HR Resources through SHRM

    Membership at the local level gives you access to knowledge learned by those who are members of our National organization. We offer a reduced membership fee for National SHRM members. SHRM members have privileges on the SHRM website including Ask An Advisor.

    Access to Membership Directory

    Siouxland SHRM Members can make connections with others one-on-one via the Membership Directory. Plus, members are able to send email blasts to the entire Siouxland SHRM Community on events, surveys, or general questions.

    Legal/Compliance Updates 

    At least twice each year, Siouxland SHRM brings lawyers, legislators or other experts to bring us up-to-date on what has happened recently, what is coming down the pipe, and how we can prepare to comply with the changes.

    The Value Our Members Receive From Joining Siouxland SHRM

    1. Stronger Professional Relationships

    2. Professional Development

    3. Knowledge Sharing

    4. Recertification Credits 

    5. Volunteer Opportunities

    The Value Siouxland SHRM Can Bring To Your Organization

    Whether you choose to join Siouxland SHRM for only $90 in 2020, or attend an occasional meeting for $20, we're here to help you in your business. Your first meeting is always free!

    And, if you have a topic you'd like to present, please reach out to us.