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    September Program: Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach

    Date: September 16, 2021, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
    Siouxland SHRM
    Virtual Event
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    Title: Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach (90 minutes)

    Goal:  Provide Human Resource professionals with immediately applicable ideas and tools to recognize often unseen or ignored risks for professional ethics difficulties in themselves as well as their colleagues, co-workers, and organizations. The emphasis will be on helping attendees learn how to develop and implement strategies to prevent ethics problems before they occur rather than – as is more typically done in most organizations – paying the price for catching problems after they have already occurred.

    Outcomes:  Participants in this session will be able to

    1. identify at least four common but often unseen or ignored ‘red flags’ for ethics risks in themselves and others.
    2. articulate four areas of departmental and organizational focus required to build and maintain a culture that supports ethical behavior
    3. articulate both the strategic and financial value of developing and maintaining effective ethics and values training for all employees.


    1. Introduction that provides a clear and easily applied set of definitions for ethics and values while delineating the differences between ethics and rules (e.g. why ethical behavior requires far more than simply following the rules, etc.).
    2. Delivery of a body of information outlining typical ethics risks which often go unseen or ignored, the values most likely to encourage ethical behavior, and easy methods for monitoring of personal and organizational ethics risks.


    1. The body of knowledge is delivered in presentation format, including intermittent verbal interaction with the audience.
    2. The presenter is both animated and engaging, making  use of props, visual learning aids, and interactive activities to keep the audience fully engaged and actively involved in their learning process.
    3. The tone of the program is conversational, the style interactive, and the primary focus is on ‘real-world’ applications. These combine to increase the likelihood of attendees having a simultaneously enjoyable, personally meaningful, and practical experience with an essential topic (professional ethics) that many HR professionals presume to be dry, academic, and difficult to apply in a personally meaningful manner.


    Speaker Credentials: 


    Christopher Bauer is a clinical psychologist by training with over thirty years of experience as a trainer, speaker, author, and consultant. Between coaching, speaking and consulting, he has worked with front-line workers to senior executives and everyone in-between. Clients of Dr. Bauer have run the gamut from small and medium sized businesses and organizations to every level of staff and management at Fortune 500 corporations.


    Dr Bauer’s articles on how to build and maintain great professional ethics have appeared in such journals as CEO Refresher, CFO Magazine, and many other print and online media outlets. The latest edition of his book, "Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming” has been a business ethics Top Seller on and he publishes a free “Weekly Ethics Thought” read by thousands of subscribers worldwide.


    Because of his unique contribution to the prevention of ethics problems, Dr. Bauer has been recognized with the Certified Fraud Specialist designation by the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists.


    Dr. Bauer is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has received their Certified Speaking Professional designation.


    Additional information on Dr. Bauer’s programs is available at his website (



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