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    Siouxland SHRM Website Job Posting Policy & Procedure

    This job posting policy and procedure is designed to provide an avenue for human resource related job advertisements to be placed for consideration by our group of professionals. Anyone is invited to advertise a Human Resource job opening on the website.

    1. Billing –  The ad will be placed on the website in the Job Openings section for a 30-day period and will also be sent to the Siouxland SHRM mail list. There will be a $50.00 cost per posting for SHRM members and a $75.00 cost for non-members per job posting. This charge is designed to cover the cost of getting the job placed on the site and removed at the appropriate time. The Chapter Treasurer will be responsible for sending an invoice for the ad placement billing.
    1. Renewal – Job ads may be renewed for an additional 30-day period for an additional $30 per renewal period. A 5-day notice is needed to renew the ad at the conclusion of the initial run. If this notice is not provided, the cost to re-post the job will be the same as for the first time it’s posted ($50 for members and $75 for non-members).
    1. Post a Job – To place an ad, simply email the job description in a pdf format to The Chapter Web Tech will make sure the ad is posted online and emailed out via the Member Directory.

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